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The Asimi Economy Explained

Asimi tokens are leading the way in the online income and advertising economies.

Originally designed for a specific use, Asimi allows anyone to start minting tokens via ad views. This advertising "traffic" (real people watching ads) enabled the sale of that exact advertising space. Advertisers buy the ads views and have their website displayed directly to the Ad Minters and for this, ad minters get paid in Asimi tokens for the ads they view.

  1. Viewers earn everyday simply watching ads

  2. Advertisers get traffic to their website generating leads and sales.

This benefits both parties and this simple ecosystem has proven to become highly successful with Millions of Asimi used by advertisers for advertising purchasers and 350,000+ members joining to earn Asimi watching ads.

Today, the Asimi economy is growing. New companies now not only accepting Asimi, but using it as their primary token for use. New exchange listings for Asimi and most of all, a continued drive to innovate and expand into new niches and ideas that millions around the world can benefit from. Thousands of people own, use, trade, and benefit from Asimi everyday. Watch the Asimi economy video here:

Earn Asimi for free or purchase advertising for your business here

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