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What is Asimi

Updated: May 23, 2020

If you are new to Asimi, or simply interested to know more, today, let me share with you the story of Asimi.

The Asimi Mission:

“Let's empower individuals to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit and live life 

on their own terms. We as an international community harness the power of blockchain 

and open the doors to a new way of advertising and earning that ultimately 

offers people more choice in their life.” - Luke Millard / CEO

The Asimi mission began from the desire to create a real and long standing business 

to help people reach their online goals. With an online business/marketing background, we could see a desperate need 

for a business that was real, easy, profitable, and valuable with a desirable product use. Asimi was the answer.

Our Solution

  • to break down the barriers of entry into home based business

  • to simplify a work from home income opportunity and allow anyone to earn online from day 1

  • to create an advertising portal designed to fulfil the desperate need of low cost, quality advertising for online businesses

  • to do it ethically, responsibly with a completely sustainable business model built on sound business principles


The name Asimi is the Greek-English translation for silver.

Silver has traditionally been given the

form of the half moon as you will see depicted on the coin. The engravings express the decentralized benefits of crypto currency. Around the perimeter is inscribed: Silver - Asimi - Community Effort Minted Token. Silver plays an important role in our lives as a medium of exchange, 

a safe haven investment and a precious metal treasured in special items. 

It is also one of the highest level electrical conductors on the planet, 

being used in the manufacture of electronics, including crypto currency mining hardware. We have chosen silver to display Asimi’s value to the marketplace: An easily recognized medium of exchange, used to trade and/or store value, that can be minted through effort.

The Asimi Economy: Asimi is a value based utility token for the purpose of 

purchasing advertising and ad minting reward system.​​

Built from the ground up, with circulating supply starting at zero, 

Asimi did not have a

n Initial Coin Offering (ICO). 

We did not sell Asimi or use Asimi as a fundraising tool like most tokens.

Instead, the Asimi ecosystem has been built on merit as motivated users 

can mint the token via our unique minting proposition of viewing advertisements. As minters obtain tokens, they are free to use, hold or sell them on the Waves decentralized exchange (DEX) with no restrictions. ​ If people wish to buy Asimi, they can acquire Asimi on the same exchange, 

purchasing them from sellers. The result is a marketplace that brings advertisers, viewers, buyers and sellers to one location. We have created a fully functioning token economy. Powered by the Waves blockchain, Asimi is easily earned, moved, used and stored. 

With extremely low fees and a simple user interface, Asimi opens the door for anyone, 

even new to the world of crypto currency, to easily become involved 

in the incredible opportunity crypto currency offers

the world today, all for free. ​

At a Glance:

  • Asimi is a community driven token with a real product use.

  • Fully functioning token economy with over 150,000 members

  • Built upon the Waves Blockchain

  • Supply started at 0 with new tokens minted into circulation daily via "ad minting" on Hashing Ad Space. (Creating supply)

  • A true and growing product use of advert

ising products on Hashing Ad Space. (Creating demand)

  • Built on merit (no initial coin offering)

  • Maximum lifetime supply of 67 Million

  • Estimated Market Cap: $14,000,000

  • Lucrative staking functions that increase advertising value and income rewards.

  • Free trading market sets the price for Asimi at all times

  • Buyers and sellers trade on the Waves decentralized exchange

  • Minting (scheduled release) of tokens is pre-scheduled for decades to come.

  • Anyone can easily earn Asimi watching ads (for free)

  • Demand for Asimi grows as our advertising services continue to grow.

  • Advertising revenues are passed on to viewers, either directly (via ad views in the View to Earn system), or indirectly via the Waves decentralized exchange.

  • Simple model designed for mass ad


  • Asimi is regarded as an "attention token" as it is earned for the attention of viewing ads.

  • Strategic road map for continued growth

  • Growing and excited community

  • Asimi is leading the charge in a true utility token with a powerful and profitable product use.

Asimi’s Future is Set: You can enjoy decades of success in advertising and/or earnings 

with Hashing Ad Space and Asimi. Read more about Asimi at the Asimi website here Including the whitepaper and economic report.

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