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Terms And Conditions


The General Terms of Service set forth below are applicable to all kinds of services provided by ASIMI, a trading name of Bitani INC, headquartered at 4201 Hampshire St, Plano TX 75093, e-mail: [email protected] (hereinafter referred to as “Hashing Ad Space” or “The Company”), managing the website (hereinafter referred to as “The Website”), with the exception of third party services provided by third-party service providers rather than The Company. 

With respect to such kinds of services the General Terms of Transactions of said Third Party Service Providers shall be applicable. Inconsistent, different, or supplementing General Terms of Service shall not be an integral part of this contract even if they have been duly taken into consideration, except for the case where an express written consent to application thereof has been given by The Company.

2. TERMS And Conditions OF USE

The Company allows only persons aged 18 or older (or persons considered of full age in accordance with the law of their country) to join its programs, regardless of their nationality. The program cannot be used by a potential user if a prohibition on such programs has been imposed in their country of nationality. In addition to this, a user cannot take part in the program if it is supposed that they intend to commit an unlawful act.​


The Company cannot be held liable for loss of profit, loss of business opportunities or indirect damages caused by any unlawful action or for incidental or consequential loss that may arise in connection with this General Terms of Service or that relates to contractual relations therewith, even if The Company has warned of potential damages. The maximum amount of the Company’s total liability under this contract shall not exceed the amount of the duties paid or payable by the user under the contract.

The terms of this article of the contract will survive cancellation or termination of the contract, due to their specific nature. The Company does not give any warranties and does not make any statements with respect to the program for participants, any services or positions in an advertisement, whether stated expressly or through implicative actions (in particular, with respect to quality warranty, preparation for sale, violations or other implicative actions that may arise from the application of the contract, making a business transaction or usage).

The Company does its best to ensure that the Hashing Ad Space website will operate continuously and uninterruptedly, although it does not warrant that. The Company shall not be liable for any suspension of operation of the system or for any errors that may have occurred. The Company shall not be liable for any errors that may relate to malicious software or viruses found on a user’s computer or other devices that have an impact on the functions of the device. The user is responsible for installing anti-virus systems on their devices.

The Company will control each advertisement that is entered into the system for malicious software or codes. The Company cannot be held liable for the damages resulting from the removal of computer viruses even if the user asserts that the virus entered the computer after viewing advertisements on The Company’s website.


The Website may contain links to other websites (“linked websites”), including websites of third-party service providers that maintain business relations with The Company. The Company does not check the materials, functioning, standards, conditions, and other elements of the linked websites and shall not be obliged to control such websites. The Company neither supports recommends nor sponsors any linked websites. This provision shall also be applicable to the content, advertising, information, materials, products, services, and other items of third-party service providers.

The Company will also not be liable for the quality or delivery of products and services that are offered, viewed, acquired, or purchased on such websites. In the event of use, dissemination, or provision of information in linked websites, the Company will not be liable for direct or indirect damages or loss, consequential or incidental damages, or special damages that may arise from careless treatment, violation of the contract, defamation, infringement upon copyright or intellectual property rights.

Any actions related to such websites shall be governed by data protection provisions, terms of use, and other rules of the operators of linked websites. As regards to all and any, without any exception, relationships, correspondence, transactions, or other operations with third parties that take place in such websites or with the use thereof, the applicable arrangements are those that have been made by the user with the third-party service providers. The Company is not responsible for the consequences of such transactions.​


If an error or a failure occurs in the system or suspicion of system manipulation arises, The Company reserves the right to suspend the operation of the system for as long as it deems necessary. After removal of the error, The Company will resume operation of the system on terms determined at its discretion. Return of the purchase price in the event of a system failure or error is not provided for.

The Company can interrupt, at its discretion, a transaction that has not been processed due to a system error that is suspicious or doubtful and has the right to refuse the performance of such transaction. The Company’s rules and decisions with respect to the operation of the website are final and binding upon the parties.

Users are personally responsible for the use of any services offered on websites through their computer or other devices and acknowledge that not all devices are compatible with The Company’s system.​


The Company cannot be held liable for the consequences of the statement of incorrect data in the system, in particular e-mail addresses, personal data, or payment details. Inputting incorrect data into the system may result in loss of existing balances and/or previously paid fees.


The Company may place temporary and/or permanent links to third parties’ websites. The Company does control, verify, or examine the materials contained in such websites. The Company cannot be held responsible for any software, content, or viewpoints presented in such websites. Links to third parties’ websites shall serve for improvement of the functionality of the system. Placement of links does not mean that The Company supports the linked website. Users are personally responsible for the consequences of following an external link to a third-party website.​


The Company strictly observes service rules and requirements with respect to protection from spam. Spam dissemination is considered a criminal offense. If it is established that a user has disseminated spam, their account will be promptly closed and they will lose all their former, current and future revenues. In addition, users will be held liable for dissemination of spam because The Company collaborates with all legal representatives and bodies in carrying out investigations in criminal cases related to spam dissemination. The Company reserves the right to claim compensation for the damage caused by spam initiated or forwarded by users.​


These General Terms of Service govern the contractual relations and the relations of use between a user and Hashing Ad Space. They are applicable to all users, whether individuals or legal entities. Using this website, you agree with these General Terms of Service. In addition, you have to state your agreement with the proposed terms in the express form on some pages of the website. Hashing Ad Space reserves the right to change these General Terms Of Service at any time at its own discretion and without giving reasons, including, without limitation, the pricing policy terms (“new terms”).

Hashing Ad Space will send you a notification on the introduction of new terms or changes in the existing ones via electronic mail. You also agree that we may publish the new terms on our website by way of placement of a link with information on the main page. Using the services of the website (or performing other similar actions in the website) after the publication of the new terms, you automatically agree with such new terms. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you should read these terms before any use of the service.

The new terms of using the services of the website shall become effective at the time of publication thereof in our website unless a later date of their becoming effective is determined and stated on the information page.


The Company’s official language of communication is English. The Company will conduct all of its business and official communication in that language. The Company may allow certain users or affiliates to translate parts of it’s commercial materials into other languages for commercial purposes, provided that the translation will include the phrase “This is an unofficial translation of the original Hashing Ad Space Document and does not necessarily reflect Hashing Ad Space’s official policy”.

The Company will not honor any promises (implicit or explicit) made in said translated materials if they are not in accordance with The Company’s rules and/or guidelines. All responsibility for the content of the translated materials belongs to the translators. The Company cannot be held liable in any way for the claims made within translated materials. In case of content differences between The Company’s original materials and translated materials, the company’s official materials will take precedence.