Group 60


Asimi strives to produce the most simplified minting experience that rewards users in real value for their contribution and effort while helping businesses expand their brand visibility. To achieve this, Asimi has come up with what promises to be the largest online advertising medium built on blockchain technology. A digital advertising ecosystem that uses the crypto faucet strategy to help businesses from across the world augment their popularity while empowering consumers with free crypto. At the heart of this marketing-oriented token economy is ASIMI – the native cryptocurrency for the Asimi ecosystem. It is the reward system on the platform and is free to mine for all members of this community. The ASIMI token minting process is also quite straightforward, allowing anyone to build crypto wealth while helping spread awareness for the different brands.


Our Values

Honesty & Trust: The Asimi ecosystem is anchored on the pillars of honesty and trust. This honesty is evidenced in our roadmap and whitepaper and other communications that only promise what we can deliver. Additionally, our platform and the codes governing its operations are deeply etched into the uncompromisable blockchain technology.


Reliability: We have created a decentralized platform that individuals can bank on to grow the online visibility of their business and crypto wealth. We are actively working on increasing the convertibility of the Asimi token through partnerships and listing with more exchanges and trading platforms. We are also chasing collaborations with more eCommerce stores and affiliate sites to ensure the token can be used to pay for online goods and services or earned as an affiliate commission.


Transparency: We are clear about how the Asimi ecosystem works and its nature of operations. We are particularly clear about ASIMI’s tokenomics – right from the number of pre-mined tokens, the maximum supply of ASIMI tokens, the number of tokens available for minting, the minting process, and the reward system. Every day, for example, 17348 ASIMI tokes are minted by ad viewers and this maximum supply halves every four years.



Here are some of the strategies that we have embraced, which we believe will play the biggest role in helping fulfil this mission.