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NOTE: 12 months on from the first release of the Asimi whitepaper, it's exciting to see Asimi performing as we had envisioned. A token economy that has the potential to help millions of people worldwide increase their online business success.

Millions of Asimi have since been traded, used for product purchases, and earned by ad viewers and affiliates. 

The white paper below is the original, with a few small modifications marked in dark blue.

Objective and Vision 

Asimi is built to provide a powerful, easily accessible crypto currency token that everyone can understand, use and earn.


Technological hurdles have held a lot of people back from participating in, and benefiting from, the incredible shift crypto currency has brought to our monetary system. We have gone to great lengths to make this as simple as possible. 


Experience has told us that crypto currency is here to stay. It has changed the way we use, move and earn money. We also see the increasing numbers of people that are looking online for ways to make money from home, and in a marketplace filled with choice, it can be difficult to know what works. 

The Asimi token provides two solutions:


  • A freely exchanged utility token for use within the online advertising industry,

  • A unique method of minting that allows anyone to earn it from home.

This symbiotic relationship brings two of the largest and most exciting online markets together:

Crypto Currency and Online Advertising.


Thank you for taking the time to review what we believe to be a revolutionary product and system within the crypto currency space.


Billions of dollars are spent, traded and earned in both of theses sectors every year. The information below explains the simple and powerful way Asimi is earned and used.


To produce the most simplified minting experience that rewards users in real value for their contribution and effort. Designed for mass adoption; Asimi will lead the way as a value based utility token with a true purpose within the online advertising industry, helping thousands of people around the world benefit from the incredible world of crypto currency.

Why “Asimi”

The name Asimi is the Greek-English translation for silver.

Silver has traditionally been given the form of the half moon as you will see depicted on the coin. 


The engravings express the decentralised benefits of crypto currency.

Around the perimeter is inscribed: Silver - Asimi - Community Effort Minted Token.


Silver plays an important role in our lives as a medium of exchange, a safe haven investment and a precious metal treasured in special items. It is also one of the the highest level electrical conductors on the planet, being used in the manufacture of electronics, including crypto currency mining hardware.


We have chosen silver to display Asimi’s value to the marketplace: 

an easily recognised, medium of exchange, used to trade and/or store value, that can be minted through effort.

Asimi token silver coin spinning

Bringing it Back to Basics

There will be NO Initial Coin Offering.


In our opinion, many new tokens on the market are not much more than a fund raising tool. 

We are not that.

Bringing it back to the creation of Bitcoin,  there was no ICO, there was no hype filled promotional material. 

It was simple: "here is the idea and here is how you can participate." 

It was free to start mining Bitcoin with your computer and it was all about the community. 

People who were interested, joined the community, and built it. 

Early adopters have since been highly rewarded as Bitcoin increased in value


We will grow Asimi based on this principle

We are not asking people to financially back Asimi based on an idea.

Instead we are looking for people who are interested in joining the community,

allowing people to earn, use and participate all for free.

Asimi is a value based utility token for the purpose of purchasing advertising and ad minting reward system.​​

It will be built from the ground up, with circulating supply starting at zero.

Motivated users can mint the token via our unique minting proposition of viewing advertisements.

As minters obtain tokens, they would be free to use, hold or sell them on the open DEX exchange. 

If people wish to buy Asimi,  they would acquire Asimi on the same DEX exchange purchasing it from sellers, with no restrictions.


What makes Asimi unique is in the minting details

Minters are awarded new tokens for their direct time and effort of browsing advertisements.

It is this time contribution to the advertising network that minters are awarded for.


Minters will be rewarded following the “Proof of Work" and "Proof of Stake" models


Proof of Work:  

A daily minting reward is allocated to the minter (user)  based on their personal effort through the viewing of advertising within a 24 hour period. The more you view, the more you are awarded.


Proof of Stake:

The minters ad viewing potential is based upon the Stake they have set up.  

For each Asimi Stake setup,  the user increases their minting capability by 1 ad per day for as long as the stake remains in place.


Staking plays a vital role in our token ecosystem by qualifying the viewing audience as true, home based business entrepreneurs who take action.

Staking is essentially free, as 100% of the Asimi staked is returned to the staker. Either, gradually over 365 days, or in a lump sum at the end of the agreement period.  

Effectively, this combines the "proof of work" and "Proof of stack" models  and rewards the members for both; work done viewing advertisements and the  Asimi they have put at "stake"


Asimi Supply and 


Asimi has a fixed maximum supply of 67MM (67,000,000)

Divisible by 8 decimals .00000000 

The smallest domination of Asimi is to be called,  Asi. (ass-eye)

Ad Minting Allocation

76% of tokens are to be minted through ad views (50,920,000)


Minting efforts will deliver all new tokens to the market at a set daily rate, to be distributed to minters each day, over the coming years.


Asimi minting allocations will follow a similar minting schedule to that of Bitcoin that has proven to be so successful. 

This is intended to slowly but steadily add to circulating supply of Asimi, without eroding the value of the token.



Bitcoin Total Supply : 21 Million

Asimi Total Supply :  67 Million (Approximately 3.2 x BTC)

This additional supply is intended to reduce the number of decimal places required.

Bitcoin mining allocations at launch: 7,200 BTC per day

Asimi mining allocations at launch: 17,438 ASIMI per day (Approximately 3.2 x BTC based on mintable supply)

Asimi will be allocated at the rate of 17,438 new tokens per day.

The minting payout figure halves every 4 years, over a period of 100 years

These tokens will be earned by minters each day based on their minting activity.

Minters are free to use/hold/exchange their mined tokens as they choose with no restrictions.

Affiliate Commission Allocation

7.6% (5,090,000) Asimi are allocated for affiliate commissions. 


Affiliates can promote ad view services and earn 10% of the minted Asimi produced as a result of their referrals. 


This simple affiliate program is a viral growth mechanism as people (affiliates) are self motivated to promote Asimi in order to earn more Asimi themselves. Preallocating the 10% means as long as people are minting, affiliates can continue to earn recurring commissions, all pre scheduled for decades.

Asimi ad minting formula
Asimi total supply
Asimi token minting allocation
Asimi token affiliate commission allocation

Asimi LLC "Pre Mint"

Asimi LLC will ”pre mint” 2.7% (1,809,000) of tokens to use at their discretion. 


Any funds accumulated as a result of the sale of these tokens will be used for operating Asimi over the coming years and will be Asimi’s sole source of income.

We anticipate this to be sufficient funding for the following costs, including but not limited to:

  • Consulting

  • Legal

  • Accounting

  • Taxation and compliance licensing

  • Office space

  • Ongoing Business expenses

Asimi token reserve allocation

Company, Leadership, Employees Allocations

10% of tokens are allocated for the, founders, partners, advisers, employees and future bonuses


Pre mint allocated as follows:


  • 5% CEO and Partners 

  • 5% To advisers and employees, Leadership bonuses, future recruitment of talent, unforeseen management roles



Companies, founders, employees and bonus tokens are Locked to a maximum of 2% provision allowance each month for owners of these tokens. Each month, 2% of the total owned tokens for any of the above, will be awarded to them. This would continue for a period of 50 months until all own tokens are paid. As the tokens are paid to the holder each month,  they are free  to do with them as they choose.

Asimi token company allocation

Admin and Staff Wages

871,000 Asimi was set aside to pay staff wages and petty cash expenses for daily operation of websites and supporting services.

Asimi token staff allocation

Asimi Burn

An Asimi burning mechanism was introduced to help reduce circulating supply to a maximum of 20M over time.

The amount of Asimi burned weekly equates to 90% of the purchase price of the "Login Ad" product on Hashing Ad Space.

Regular burning takes place weekly for the Asimi received that week. 

You can follow the total Asimi burned by clicking on the Asimi token in the Waves platform for a current total supply value.

Algorithm and Exchange

The simplicity of our idea, requires a simple approach. 

Blockchain technology and decentralised peer to peer verifications have changed the world. 

It is a remarkable advancement in technology and one that we support with enthusiasm.

Asimi is built upon the Waves blockchain. It is fast, simple and has one of the easiest client interfaces to use, 

making crypto currency familiar for everyone.


Asimi can be acquired and freely traded on an exchange from day one. It can be stored, sent, and received around the globe within seconds, and exchanged into both Fiat and crypto currencies including BTC, ETH, LTC, USD, EURO.

It isn’t our goal to bring forth a new blockchain technology, but simply build upon the blockchain technology already in place.

We have the development teams and community of specifically Bitcoin and Waves to thank for the opportunity to make Asimi a reality. Bitcoin bringing forward the revolutionary blockchain technology and the concept that has been adopted by many, and Waves for simplifying the technology to a platform that allows us to build our token, own it, trade it, and share it with others freely in a decentralised environment.

With all of this pre constricted genius in place, Asimi can now further simplify the minting and dispersement of tokens, helping even more people gain access to crypto currency globally through the simplistic ad minting system.

Demand for Assets

Supply, demand and price have an unbreakable relationship and why we believe Asimi will grow. 

With limited supply and a unique value proposition driving demand, price rises can occur.


Home based business is growing rapidly as more people are realising the enormous opportunity to make money from home.

Finding a true way to earn money from home, and advertise to a targeted audience is highly sought after.

We have  build our token economy model based on conservative sales figures.

Overall, we see great things for Asimi Values


 Advertising is a $558 bn industry*. ASIMI aims to leverage on its huge capitalization, by
introducing an innovative approach which enables participants to both earn money by watching
advertisements while doing advertising of their own.
Each user in the system is entitled to watch a certain number of free ads daily. All users that
watch ads during the day, share among them the daily minting payout in ASIMI. If the user
wants to watch additional ads above their limit they can obtain a minting stake package(s), which
enables them to watch additional ads. Those packages are essentially free; however, they serve
an important role in the system. In order to obtain the package, the user needs to lock away his
ASIMI for a certain period of time. All the coins are given back to the user gradually over time.
Advertisers who wish to participate in the system can purchase ad block packages.



About the author


Hristo Piyankov has over 10 years experience in analytics, data science, machine
learning, big data and AI. He was Analytics Director for one of the largest consumer finance
companies within the largest consumer market in the world (China). During this time, he led
several complex international projects to fruition. He has extensive experience in financial
modelling and forecasting.
Hristo now works with various Blockchain start-ups, helping them asses, develop and model
their token economies and data needs. Hristo has developed the token economies for multiple
ICOs (10+) and is passionate about ensuring that the token economy not only leads to a
successful ICO, but also a successful long-term project based on sound economic principals."

Read full report here

The Value Proposition

  • Simple and user friendly 

  • Powerful minting rewards

  • Secure system

  • Integrated and Established exchange 

  • Value based token

  • No ICO

  • Immediate powerful product use

  • Global adoption

  • Transparent

  • Legal and compliant

2018 Timeline


Asimi company formed.

Asimi listed on exchange. (with zero liquidity)

Relationship and integration with Hashing Ad Space completed, testing of exchange and mining process completed


Asimi Public Pre launch.

Minters to begin earning rewards for minting efforts.

Asimi becomes tradable on DEX exchange, users can, buy, sell, trade, Asimi, as well as use Asimi to purchase advertising. 

Continued “real time” testing and optimising to the system.

Anticipated minters - 5,000 


With Asimi trading free to the market, minters earning, a re-assessment of system and rewards will take place. Any improvements made to further increase user experience. Additional team talent/support introduced if needed. Anticipated minters 10,000


Official launch: We anticipate a seamless system at this point, a finely tuned and simplified minting experience along with simple use and exchange of Asimi. The beginning of viral growth

Development and Growth


January marks the beginning of Asimi as a token with real world value as trading begins on the Waves decentralized exchange (DEX).

Advertisers can purchase and use Asimi to buy advertising products.

Asimi minters and affiliates can sell and trade Asimi.

Over $1,000,000 worth of Asimi is traded within the first few months.

The Asimi Minting/Staking function is introduced. 

New advertising products and additional ways to earn Asimi via ad views are implemented.

Scheduled weekly Asimi burning begins using advertising sales revenue.

The Asimi Silver 999 bullion coins are minted.

Asimi's extended use begins with new websites and publishers.

Asimi is listed on new exchanges.

300,000 Asimi owners by the end of 2019.


Expansion and Decentralization

Focusing on mass adoption through expanding the Asimi publisher network. 

Asimi broadens into new and exciting complementary products and services including; marketing services, advertising sites, education centers, new ways to earn, and more.

Further progress toward a fully decentralized token economy.

Planning and development of our own blockchain features.

The listing of Asimi on popular exchanges increase confidence and access.

Continued improvements to further increase the usability and popularity of Asimi.

1 million Asimi owners by the end of 2020.


The Pursuit of Greatness

Now widely used, trusted and accepted, The foundation of Asimi is set.

In 2021 and beyond it's our mission to continue to drive growth.

We see Asimi as the household name for how you earn when viewing ads online.

Asimi minters continue to create circulating supply and benefit immensely via ad views.

Asimi remains dynamic. 

Our ingenuity and flair for innovation keep us expanding into yet-to-be-imagined aspects of our token economy.

2021 is just the beginning of a long and exciting future.

Asimi Founders and Team

With a diverse team of entrepreneurs, all working together from areas all over the world bringing their expertise to the Asimi token.

The Asimi token Eco system has been developed over the past 6 months after extensive testing and economic modeling.

Asimi will be a registered company in the BVI, and complies and follows the governing laws. 


Asimi will likely hold a physical office within Australia (TBD)

Note from the CEO

2019 NOTE:  Asimi has now proven it can succeed in the market today. 

Our whitepaper has come to reality with Asimi widely adopted.

Over 250,000 Asimi users, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Asimi used to purchase products, millions traded on the exchange, Asimi provides a solution that people want and that is reflected in its success.

The growth numbers we have experienced are as a sign of what is to come over the coming years.

A strong, buoyant and exciting token economy that helps users succeed in online business.

The Asimi mission remains the same.