Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

What is Asimi?

Asimi is a value based utility token for the purpose of purchasing advertising and ad minting reward system.

Did Asimi have an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)?

No, we did not use Asimi as a fundraising tool. Instead, members can mint Asimi into circulation watching ads.

What is “minting” Asimi ?

Minting is the way Asimi are released into the marketplace every day. Currently, 17,438 Asimi are minted each day and distributed to Minters. The minting schedule halves every 4 years.

What can I buy with Asimi?

The primary use for Asimi is to purchase advertising products and receive traffic to your online business products and services.

How can I buy Asimi?

Asimi can be bought easily on exchanges that list Asimi by placing an order to buy. We recommend the Waves platform DEX here:

How can I earn Asimi for free?

Join and watch ads in the View to Earn system. You will earn Asimi immediately for watching ads.

How can I earn Asimi commissions?

Affiliates earn instant commissions by introducing new members to our community who watch ads or purchase products.

How can I list Asimi on my exchange?

Contact us

How can I become a publisher?

Contact us

What blockchain is Asimi built on?

Asimi is built on the reliable, stable, fast and light-weight Waves blockchain. Waves offers low fees, lighting fast transaction times, a simple decentralized exchange, supports major currencies like BTC, ETH, LTC as well as fiat currency bank transfer and credit card gateway.

Can I buy ASIMI using my credit card/debit card?

We don’t sell Asimi directly. To purchase Asimi with your credit card, you can first purchase BTC or WAVES form your preferred exchange, then trade those for Asimi on an exchange where Asimi is listed.

Can I sell the Asimi I own?

Yes, just like with other cryptocurrencies, Asimi can be sold in trading pairs like Asimi/USD Asimi/BTC and other available pairs on any exchange where Asimi is listed.

What does the future hold for Asimi?

Asimi continues to write its own powerful story as a crypto token. Thousands of people create success online everyday using Asimi. Backed by this ever growing community that accepts and uses the token, demand is exponentially growing. New innovations and uses mean further adoption as more people discover that using Asimi offers a unique way to earn and advertise. The Asimi economy is superior to anything else online today and its future is bright.